Metalslut #100

Viscera returns! With new member Esther Hinojosa! She’s a shred/death/technical metal MACHINE and along with Hector, Ralph, and Chris… this band stopping by is a party that won’t be stopped.

Want to download Viscera’s new EP for FREE?!?!??! Limited time only, get it here at their bandcamp, the free code is sy7k-eajs

download episode #100 HERE

Metalslut #94 – super-procrastination end-of-the-month solo podcast MARATHON

It’s super-procrastination end-of-the-month solo podcast MARATHON time, and Kai talks about the violent Trump protesters inSouthern California, the 2016 presidential election,Walpurgisnacht, Satanism, Sicario, Illegal movie streamingsights, badly written movie synopsis, and Satanic Johhny’s upcomingshow at the Whiskey in West Hollywood.

Download Episode #94 HERE

MetalSlut #92 – Conor McGregor Retires ahead of UFC#200

Big MMA news as Conor McGregor unexpectedly “retires” 3 months ahead of UFC 200. In unrelated talk, Kai discovers the existence of .50 pellet airguns, and air-powered shotguns.

Also, Kai and Moses (Satanic Johnny) are scheduled to play at the Whiskey A Go Go on 4/21 and 5/5. Want to come? Email us!

Download episode #92 HERE